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Sunset singletrack


 Sunset singletrack %%image%%

Meanwhile up on Stanage,


Meanwhile up on Stanage, an epic sunset and a man with surfboard!

an epic sunset and a man with surfboard!

Opening hours


Opening hours Saturday 2/8/14 until 10/8/14

The Bike Garage is a one man band and from time to time we need to close to recharge our batteries.   We will be closed from Saturday 2nd August and reopening on Sunday the 10th at 9.30.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.   Cheers,


Sunday 6th – Tour Day


With the tour passing close by we will be closed all day on Sunday the 6th of July.

So that we can get amongst the crowd and watch the big race.

Film Night Sat 14 June


As part of Bamford MTB weekend there is a film showing, one mtb film and one road. Why not pop along and enjoy a pint and two awesome films

more information and tickets here

Poster - film

The Nutter and Odpods


Featuring all the essentials for fixing your most common bike headaches. The Nutter combines all the tools you need when out riding into one simple unit. Its unique design and distinctive form turns the tool into a handle, giving you more leverage than other multi tools on the market. The tool weighs just 110g or 3.9oz.


• Nylon Tire Lever

• 15mm Box Head Spanner

• Spoke Key

Hex Tool Bits (3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm)

• Philips Head Screw Driver

• Flat Head Screw Driver

• Torque Key

• Magnetic Tool Bit Extender

• Bottle Opener

Housed beautifully in your choice of a burnt brown or jet black leather and recycled inner tube pouch. RRP 39.99

The OdPod is an award winning, self-supporting bike stand that was designed to be as “Universal” as possible. Originally made to suit mountain bikes, however it was soon realized that it could be used for road bikes, BMX bikes, in fact just about any kind of bicycle. The OdPod was not conceived as a work stand but it will permit a fair amount of pre or post ride adjustment, cleaning and maintenance. It’s possible to take either wheel off the bike and the design allows the cranks to be turned from either side of the bike while it is mounted on the OdPod.

The OdPod folds down small enough to fit into any bike carry bag or box but should you need to reduce the space it takes up even further, the OdPod can be stripped down to it’s component parts using a multi-tool. The ability to strip the OdPod also allows the replacement of any part that may get accidentally damaged. RRP 39.99

Ex-Hire bikes for sale 2013


We are currently selling off our ex-hire bikes, we currently have limited numbers available in nearly all sizes and models but once they have gone there gone.

The standard price for a 4300 disc (Main hire model)  is £525 which fully serviced we offer at £330.

Give us a call on 01433 659345 for more information.



Christmas 2013 Opening Hours


We will be open until and including Monday 23/12/13  at 5.00 pm

we will then be closed until Saturday 4/01/14, reopening at 9.30 am

We are a one man band and traditional have a small break at Christmas to recharge our batteries.

2013 has been a great year for us, and we have grand plans for 2014, included a small extension.

Thanks for your support and business over the last year and a Happy Christmas to you all.

If you have any questions drop us an email or mobile on 07548532513




Bradwell Edge Bridleway Maintenance 14/11/13


Bradwell Edge Bridleway is often a decent that gets overlooked, I guess due to the fact that for long periods of the year is resembles a right muddy mess.  But it has potential for connecting into a Shatton loop. I rode down it a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised by its condition. But my arms took a beating due to the vegetation encroachment.

This section is typical, long following straights with flow and a nice narrow trail.

This section is typical, long following straights with flow and a nice narrow trail.

Yes it was abit muddy but this is the Peak District not a trail center! So I contacted Martyn, who we have worked with before on some other similar small scale projects.  What you cant really see from the above image that it is clear that this route has been here for sometime.  With a drystone wall running nearly its entire length and signs of old drainage and a harder rock base below the muddy surface.

The main objective was to remove any vegetation (brambles, haw thawn etc) that would cause distress. Not only for bikers but also for walkers and horse riders. After all is is a bridleway.  With many sections being in a gully the clearance wasn’t only at handlebar height but also removing low branches and dangling plants.

We spent a good bit of time clearing a section about half way down where the trail had gone “off line” opening up the orginal line. Which had become very overgrown, causing people to take and alternative line. Which had become extremely rutted and unsustainable.

We only really planned on clearly vegetation but identified a number of drainage tasks that could easily be undertaken.  We were also encourage to find the middle and upper sections to have a good base of rock which with further work to improve drainage could massively improve it year round potential. Although these require follow up work.  As currently the muddy top layer is being held by the impervious layer below.  With only a few small drains not allowing removal of surface water. Instead being held on the surface resulting in a very wet stodgy top larger.  Not helped by a load of cows that had clearly passed through!


View up the valley towards Windmill, potential for connecting into a Shatton Mast loop.

The lower sections of the bridleway are much steeper which helps with the drainage but are much less rocky.  Making them much more challenging to ride and more difficult to come up with ideas regarding maintance. We spotted a number of places to remove surface water. But not wanting to spoil the character and remembering it is a bridleway.

We will be doing further work to the bridleway in the following months to repair/prepair it for summer!

Quick shot of Shane as we left with the low setting sun.

Quick shot of Shane as we left with the low setting sun.

Update on Roych Clough


Shawn from Hitch and Hike was kind enough to take this pictures of the worked carried out on Roych Clough.

Images are in order from top to bottom, but show the works are very much in-line with the character of the lower seconds before the ford.

With the also inclusion of a climbing line on the right hand bank. Got to say the results look good.


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