2019 Trek Powerfly LT 9 Review


We handed over one of our new 2019 Trek Powerfly hire bikes to Kieran from Dialed Mag. You can read his full review or see the review below.

We think Ebikes are somewhat of a game changer, with the Powerfly range being at the front of that.

Route 7# Hope Valley and Hucklow


Distance: 26 miles (42km)
Elevation Gain: 3,400ft (1,036m)
Difficulty: Medium/Challenging

A longer ride taking in some classic dark peak climbs and descents with breathtaking views throughout. Starting and finishing at the Bike Garage this ride starts off heading north up the Thornhill trail to the Ladybower Reservoir before climbing up towards Hope Cross and descending down Jaggers Clough. A quick road section to Edale leads you up to Mam Tor then south towards the Peak Forest and on for some gravel road action along the dark/white peak boundary into Abney and on for a final descent from Shatton Moor down to the Bike Garage. This ride makes for a perfect loop for those wanting a longer ride covering a satisfying span of the Peak District.

This ride leaves the back of the Bike Garage towards the Thornhill Trail. The trail is followed for 1.5 miles, it is a perfect warm up to get the legs going before turning left for the climb up to Wooler Knoll, be sure not to fly past the turn off, it is seen just by the bench on the left of the trail. Drop it into a low gear and spin away up this climb until you leave the wooded area and see a large gate on the left, this climb is just over a mile climbing 260ft. Once at the gate head through it for the final climb out of the woods up to Hope Brink giving way to incredible views of Lose Hill and the valley leading to Edale.

After taking in the views the route follows the ridgeline to the right through to Hope Cross, this is a tough little climb with a number of step ledges in it. Once at the top turn left to follow the rocky descent down to Jaggers Clough, before the river crossing get into a low gear for the climb up the other side. The climb out of Jaggers Clough is loose and again has a few steps making it a little technical towards the top. Once at the top the trail meanders along to Clough Farm before dropping down to Edale Road via a narrow singletrack descent through the trees. From, here the route heads towards Edale for 1.7 miles before turning left and heading up towards Hollins Cross.

The climb to Hollins Cross is a 0.65 mile section climbing 250ft, it is possible to ride up it without stopping thanks to the recent maintenance carried out by Peak District MTB. At Hollins Cross the route turns right following the stone slab trail towards Mam Tor, this is a perfect location for a few photos and a good halfway point for some lunch with a view. When you get to the second gate keep to the right as this is the bridleway that runs along the north side of Mam Tor unlike the footpath that goes straight to the peak. Follow this bridleway down to the road then it’s time for another road section. Follow the road to the left through the middle of the hillside then down the south side to the junction with Sheffield Road, turn left and follow down the hill and around the sharp right hand corner for 0.7 miles. On your left shortly after the turn off for Winnats Pass you will see a sign for Rowter Farm, go through this gate and follow the part paved part gravel track for just short of a mile.

After following the bridleway for almost a mile you will get to a gate, the route goes through this gate and turns right through another gate, the bridleway continues through the field along the stone wall be careful not to follow the footpath that runs parallel with the wire fence. After following through the field for a short while you get to a gate, go through this and continue along the wall to a second gate, the trail gets narrower as it runs along the bottom of a hill before becoming a fun singletrack descent down to a property. Join the road and follow it to a second property and look out for the limestone way sign near the rusted gate, this is again a grassy trail that you follow to the A623 where you take a left following it to a back road just after the first property you come to.

This back road is followed for 1.5 miles then you turn right onto a gravel track as the road turns sharply left, follow this track to the end where it joins onto Forest lane, follow this road for a quick mile into Little Hucklow. Once in Little Hucklow turn right and then a very sharp steep left through the village to the junction with the B6049, straight ahead is a second gravel track that climbs a little bit and has a significant gulley in it making for a fairly technical section that is followed for almost a mile into Great Hucklow. Ride through Great Hucklow keeping an eye out for the side road opposite the phone box, this climbs up to the school, follow this road behind the school as it becomes an off road trail climbing up through Great Hucklow woods to another back road. At this back road turn left and follow it for 1.7 miles enjoying the incredible scenery before getting to Abney.

Keep an eye out for a red phone box in Abney, opposite it is Duper Lane, the trail that climbs up to Shatton Moor. This is the final notable climb of the ride and once at the top the bridleway is followed to the right towards the mast. After the mast the trail descends quickly for oly 0.4 of a mile before going into the fields through a wooden gate. This section of trail is then followed for 0.8 miles descending into Offerton. Take a left once you get to the road and ride through the small collection of houses and take a left onto another offroad trail that is followed through a few more fields before coming out onto Shatton Lane after one mile. From here turn right and follow to the junction with the A6187 and it’s back to the Bike Garage!

This is a good ride for those wanting to go a little further than they might usually but take in some incredible views throughout. I would recommend hiring an e-bike for this one so you can enjoy it a little more. A full suspension bike would also be fine however due to the mainly gravel trails with only a few steep/technical sections you would be fine on a hardtail bike as well.

You can download the GPX of the route by following this link.

We have won something : Best Bike Hire in Peak District


We are excited to announce that the Bike Garage has been named the no.1 bike hire in Peak District by TripAdvisor travel site! It is fair to say we are pretty chuffed with this achievement. Since we started in 2010 we have steadily grown our hire fleet from 11 bikes to now around 30, including full suspension and Electric Bikes. We have always tried to provide a high-quality bike and advice on routes.

You can view the full article on Trip Advisors site titled Best Destinations for Cycling holidays in the UK

Route 4# Shatton Ladybower Enduro


Distance: 20 miles (32km)
Elevation Gain: 3,000ft (914m)
Difficulty: Medium

This is a slightly more challenging ride that offers four brilliant descents ranging from wide grass routes to tight exciting singletrack. The route does have some tough climbs that can test a rider if they don’t pace themselves, it is best to take it steady putting the effort in on the climbs and descents while recovering on the flats. Hope is positioned just before the halfway mark making it a perfect place to stop for some food and drinks before starting the second half if you need it!

The route starts at the Bike Garage in Bamford before a short but steep road climb to Offerton, after 1.7 miles and roughly 380ft of climbing the route moves onto a bridleway climbing up towards Shatton Lane. This bridleway works along the hillside through an open field before joining up onto Shatton Lane, a gravel road providing brilliant views to the right with a few gates along the way. This bridleway is followed for roughly 2.2 miles before turning left at a gate with a large chain on it, keep an eye out for this as it is very easy to fly past.

At this point the route has its first major descent from Bradwell Edge down to Bradwell. It is a 0.5 mile route dropping just over 350ft, it is a fairly tight singletrack descent that is a little overgrown in some places and has a couple of gullies you need to keep an eye out for. Once at the bottom of this descent the route shoots through a straight offroad section that comes out onto a farm track before taking a left and finally dropping into Bradwell. From Bradwell the route joins onto the bridleway that takes you behind and through the Breedon Hope Cement Works, this is a cool industrial area that has a number of bridges going over the top of the bridleway and gives it quite a unique feel, just be aware of vehicles at the crossing points because this is an active worksite! After the bridleway joins onto Pindale Road turn right and follow it for roughly one mile down into Hope, here you can stop for some food and to fill up your drinks.

From Hope the route follows the Edale Road for almost a mile before joining Fullwood Stile Lane and then going on to the Roman Road, the turnoff is just after a narrow bridge and continues in the direction you are riding up towards Win Hill. The Roman Road climb is about a mile and a half long and climbs just over 250ft before taking you to Hope Cross.

At Hope Cross the route follows straight towards a descent called spud alley (Google Maps calls it the Roman Road), this is one of the longest descents on this route. Spud Alley is a wide rocky descent with thousands of small lose spud sized rocks that move making the lines different each time, it is a tough descent but as long as you keep your speed and look out for the smoothest line you can get down fairly smoothly. The descent is just over half a mile long and drops you almost 300ft down to a small road that leads to the A57. The next climb is up to Rowlee Farm, the crossing over the A57 is fairly clear but be extra careful when listening out for cars as it is a fast road. The Rowlee Farm climb is all tarmaced but is quite significant as it covers almost 250ft in just under one mile. Once at the top of the climb the route turns right and heads down towards the Hagg Farm descent, signs are at the top of the climb showing the direction to Hagg Farm.

The Hagg Farm descent is a brilliant offering of five deep wide berms working their way into the woods for a finish on a rocky descent similar to Spud Alley but a little more tame, this descent makes for some brilliant pictures just be aware of the gate at the start of the woods. Once at the bottom of the descent it’s time to cross the A57 again and head down to the bottom of The Beast taking a left on the first significant right hander, from here the route follows the reservoir firetrack for just shy of a mile before climbing up the horrid climb (Strava name isn’t so PC).

After the horrid climb the route takes a left towards Win Hill before dropping down the Aston Bridleway into Aston then following Thornhill Lane and turning left onto Water Lane, this is an easy turn off to miss so keep an eye out for the wooden post with the white sign on it (See picture below). After following Water Lane for half a mile turn right into the Thornhill Recreation Ground and back into the Garden Center and Bike Garage.

This loop is a really good day out and is currently running the best it has been for a while. It covers 20 miles over 3,000ft of climbing with four solid climbs and four rewarding descents ranging from wide rocky trails to tight singletrack. The views over the peak district from the Roman Road are of the best in the Peak District and the option to stop in Hope for refreshments makes it perfect for someone wanting to take it steady and make a day of it as well as those who want to push themselves.

You can download the GPX of the route by following this link

Route 2# The Beast of Hope Cross


Strava Route and Elevation profile

Distance: 11 Miles (17.7km)
Elevation Gain: 1,220ft (370m)
Difficulty: Medium

This ride is a perfect sample of the Peak District and the variety of trails it offers, from the old railway lines of the Thornhill Trail to the rocky technical descents of The Beast. The 11 mile loop has something for everyone and provides some incredible views over the Mam Tor Ridgeline. The Beast descent is challenging and does require a certain amount of bike control and confidence, large rocks and loose stones can throw experienced riders off however it is a brilliant descent if you have the confidence.

The ride starts at the Bike Garage in Bamford, taking a right at the main road and another right at the wooden gate just opposite Shatton Lane. From here the ride works its way to Water Lane through the Bamford and Thornhill Recreation Ground, a large open space just behind the Bike Garage. Water Lane is followed for almost half a mile before joining onto Thornhill Lane, this is followed for roughly 0.2 miles before turning left by the red phone box keep an eye out for it!

After following Thornhill Lane for a mile the route takes a sharp right heading up towards the Aston Bridleway, you will ride down a few fast hills before this so keep an eye out for traffic! After the steep little climb to the house at the top, the bridleway is on the left by the gate, this is a perfect place to stop and have a drink etc.

From here the route is all offroad and it has a huge range of surfaces, the first bridleway climbs roughly 370ft over 1.1 miles, it has a couple of gates along the way so respect the land owners and close them once you have got through them. On the day of filming (21st June, 2018) the bridleway was running perfectly and even a bit dusty but note that trail conditions can change, recent work by Peak District Mountain Biking has vastly improved the drainage so it should be ok regardless of the weather.

After following the bridleway for just over a mile you get to the highest point of the ride, if the weather is clear you will be rewarded with brilliant views of the Peak District and the Mam Tor Ridgeline. You will see a green sign identifying the footpath up to Win Hill and the bridleway that you have just ridden up, the Beast of Hope Cross continues away from Win Hill towards Hope Cross via some grassy, sandy bridleway. The climb to Hope Cross is a fairly technical one, it is loose and rocky with a number of steps along the way, keep it in a low gear and make sure the legs keep spinning! Once at the top of this climb the route turns right to go down The Beast, this is the main feature descent of this loop dropping you 330ft over 0.5 miles. The Beast is rocky, loose and often changes so make sure you keep an eye on the trail in front of you, on this run I found a log down across part of the trail! Towards the bottom of The Beast the route goes through the gate towards the large firetrack that runs along the bottom of the Ladybower Reservoir. This wide firetrack is followed for around 3.2 miles before joining onto the Thornhill Trail, it is easy to speed down the road and miss the trail so look out for it on the right hand side as you pass the reservoir. The Thornhill Trail is followed for 1.5 miles before joining back onto Water Lane and through the recreation ground before getting back to the shop.

This loop provides riders with a perfect mix of terrain and riding without having to cover mega milage or altitude. If you are hiring a bike from the Bike Garage it works perfectly as you are able to start and finish from the hire point! This ride took just over one hour to complete but it is safe to allocate up to two and a half hours depending on how long it takes to climb, how many stops you take and how fast you descend. There are a number of scenic spots along this route making it perfect for someone wanting to take it steady and enjoy the views.

You can download the GPX of the route through Strava by following this link.

You can view additional route information on our Routes page here. All hire come with a detailed trail map and we can recommend something suitable

Rushup Edge – Your input is required


We headed up to check out the current state of Rushup Edge bridleway also known as (Chapel Gate).

For the last couple of years, the route has been closed although there are not signs to tell you that on the ground. There has already been one consultation on the previous plans. But it is fair the say they were no very well received by a range of users.

Peak District MTB have been campaigning hard on this topic since the work orginally started over three years ago.

You can view the full plan of works on Derbyshire County Councils website here. You have until the 10 July 2018 to submit your views via the online questionnaire.


You have until the 10 July to submit your views on the above plans. Let’s get the word out and share this with all users so that it is clear to DCC what people think of the plans.

Shop Closed 25th-30th May


I will be closed from 25th-30th May for staff holiday. As a one-man operation, I work 6 days a week and from time to time need to close for a short break and also to celebrate my sons first birthday. If you would like to know our current workshop turnaround then please call me on 01433 659345 for the most up to date information.

PDMTB all weather loop


The PDMTB all weather loop is a great ride all year around, but after a wet winter its merits are even greater. Due to the fact it is almost entirely a rocky route, it stands up incredibly well to the Peak District climate. With decents like the bridleway down into the Roych Clough (Pictured below) and the Classic Jacobs Ladder, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The decent down into Roych Clough is fast rocky and finished off by a splash through the ford at the bottom.

Heading down toward the ford crossing.

The Route

Tradionaly starting from Edale and heading along Mam Tor or I prefer the option of climbing Chapel Gate. Before joining the Pennie Bridleway towards Hayfield and back over the flanks of kinder to finish down Jacobs Ladder.

For more route information including a downloadable PDF guide including a map see the full article on PDMTB. Kierain from Dialed Mag did a video write up/reveiw of the route which is well worth checking out. You can read the full write up here.

Ex Hire bike Sale 2018


Each year we replace our entire hire fleet. Selling last years hire bikes, we have a range of models and sizes. For those who have already registered interest, we will be contacting you shortly to discuss the collection. Each bike comes fully serviced and has had extensive repair before sale. But if you are interested please contact us or come have a chat with us in the workshop.

2017 Christmas New & Year Opening hours


I will be closed from 20th of December until the 8th of January. I am a one-man band and take a couple of weeks off over the festive period. If you would like to know our current workshop availability email me

We will be going for a ride on Wednesday 20th of December from Cafe Adventure in hope, all are welcome. Meeting at 6/6.15 for a fun ride for a couple of hours. Followed by drinks and festive snacks at the cafe afterward. Thanks again for your business over the last 12 months.

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